EXPO MILANO I am part of it

16 animated portraits

CLIENTFDFA Presence Switzerland
EDA Präsenz Schweiz
DIRECTORSClaudia Röthlin
Yves Gutjahr

Feeding the Planet – Energy for life, the central theme of the World Expo Milano 2015 covers sustainability, innovation, tradition and technology. For the Swiss Pavilion we created 16 short animations presenting people from Switzerland who reflect these topics. The real-life interviews used to create the entertaining minute-long films make for interesting and authentic portraits with one aim – to spark your curiosity.

Little Giulia in the bathtub tells us what she thought about the farm she visited with her class, cheese-maker Meier sits down on a whole cheese to ponder the essence of Emmental, and UrbanFarmer operations manager Aleix – in a luminous yellow raincoat – gives a brief, logical introduction to the complicated aquaponic system: we feed the fish, the fish feed the plants and the plants feed us!